International Students

Welcome to Webber International University!

The International Student Services staff is available to help you navigate preparing for arrival and then maintaining good F-1 status while you are studying in the United States. The Designated School Officials (DSO) are here to assist you in understanding the F-1 student visa regulations that govern you while you are studying in the United States. The information contained in this website is designed to be a resource to help you understand the F-1 visa regulations. Links to the U.S. government websites that can give the most accurate F-1 visa rules and regulation can be found under the Rules & Regulations section of this website.

We look forward to connecting with you throughout your duration of status here at Webber International University. While the primary focus of Webber International University is academic, in the increasingly shrinking and interconnecting world, an understanding of the world’s peoples and cultures is essential. We believe our University will deliver this understanding, making a significant impact through the mutual benefit of cultural enrichment and academic excellence. As you learn about our business culture, we hope you will be equally generous in sharing yours.

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