Welcome to Webber and the CIS Major

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So what is the CIS department at Webber International University? CIS stands for Computer Information Systems and our major develops and trains students for the world of various computer related careers in the workforce. Upon graduation, our graduates seek jobs in computer networking, web design, database management, and a wealth of other computer related careers.

Obviously, this major can get very involved with computer coding, app building, and database SQL queries, however, we also teach many of our digital tricks and tips to all Webber International University business majors. Part of the business core of what we teach here at Webber pertains to all students since they all must take at least three computer classes. Our employers who hire our students have noticed how much more tech savvy our students are compared to the graduates they hire from other universities, both public and private.

So what kind of tips and tricks do we offer our students? As a start, we teach all of our students some of the many keyboard shortcuts to make them more proficient on the keyboard. As we tell them – the more you can keep your hands on the keyboard the faster you will be on the computer. This video on YouTube is just a sampling of the many keyboard shortcuts our students or anyone can learn.