Warrior Q&A: Andrea Nicolle Miranda Ortiz

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By Joyce Caba

“I believe the strength and passion I have to pursue my dream, which is to impact lives, reflects who I truly am.”

– Andrea Nicole Miranda Ortiz

Andrea has not only left a legacy behind but has also brought a story to Webber. Andrea is an international student at Webber International University from El Salvador in Central America. She is a native Spanish speaker, but has never let her language barrier set her apart from her classmates. She is pursuing a degree in Marketing and has shown extreme dedication in the classroom. As well as being very involved in various areas on campus, she is a highly respected member of the Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Lambda Beta (FBLA-PBL) organization. She qualified for for the 2018 National Leadership Conference and competed against candidates from all over the country. Andrea placed third in the nation in the event of public speaking. She is an inspiration to many and has proven time and time again that there is no goal or dream that is “too big”.

“Nicole is a great student – prepared for class, and ready to learn. Nicole’s enthusiasm motivates all Phi Beta Lambda members to achieve success.” Dr. Jeannette Eberle – Professor of Finance & PBL Advisor


If you could go back, what would you change about how you did things here at Webber?

“Double major! I wish I would have used my electives as a gateway to another degree or minor. I also would have joined all the clubs I’m in now, my freshman year.”

What unique skill set has helped you become successful?

“I don’t turn down any opportunity presented to me. You can always figure out how to do it later.”

What is your best tip for freshmen?

“Keep a positive attitude in tough situations and in negative environments. There are many students who will undervalue Webber but being a college student in itself is an opportunity not many people get. Don’t let the opinions of others ruin your experience here for you.”

Most influential professor at Webber and why?

“Dr. Tonya White-Johnson: Excellent teacher, love her attitude and energy she transmits to her students. She teaches her students how to be more professional and I love that.

Mr. Ron Weber: His positive energy is so contagious and inspiring. He reassures me that there are still people who are pursuing their passions and doing what they love.”

What are the main lessons you’ve learned in life?

“God is always in control.”