The QEP Debate

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You might be asking yourself…what is a QEP?

A QEP is a Quality Enhancement Plan. The regional accrediting body, SACS-COC (Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), requires its member institutions to develop and implement a five-year plan that addresses a well-defined and focused topic or issue pertaining to the enhancement of student learning outcomes. As part of the accreditation reaffirmation process, Webber International University and its branch campus, St. Andrews, were required to create a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). This plan centers on a chosen topic and provides a way for the institution to establish benchmarks of learning outcomes for students. These outcomes or benchmarks will be assessed each year to determine how well the students are able to meet the outcomes.

The topic of our QEP is Ethical Decision Making. Throughout the year, students will be presented with assignments in various classes, activities, and events that center around this topic. We use Thomson’s (2011) Integrative Model of Ethical Decision Making as a framework for our QEP.

Last Wednesday evening, students were given the opportunity to participate in a QEP debate, which is one activity hosted by the University to enhance ethical decision making skills in our students.

The debate topic: Should healthy performance enhancing drugs be legal for use in sport?

Two groups of students came up with arguments for both sides and then presented their thoughts to the judges and audience. There were four students on the affirmative side and three on the negative. Both internal and external factors were used to debate their points. In the end, it was determined that these kinds of drugs should not be made legal for use in sport.

“Attending this debate as a spectator increased my knowledge and opened my perspective due to the fact that I was able to listen and see from two different point of view. As student athletes we are given a topic that is relatable, however we are still being challenged due to the requirement of needing to do research to gain more knowledge in our roles as student athletes on and off the field. This process of gaining and sharing information through a debate format overall increases our knowledge and awareness as participants and spectators.”

Janel Ebanks ’18

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