In today’s digital age, marketing products to consumers involves a multitude of selling channels and communication methods. Students in the strategic marketing path learn how to optimize analytics and metrics to sell a product to the right person, at the right time, and at the right price. Through study in advertising and consumer behavior, you will understand your customer’s needs and develop marketing strategies to meet those needs at a profit.

In addition to meeting the common core requirements for the degree, students pursuing a BSBA degree with an IMC major focused in Strategic Marketing are required to take the following courses:

33 Credits

COM254 – Principles of Integrated Marketing Communications
COM264 – Graphic and Creative Design
COM374 – Corporate Communication
ENG230 – Media Writing
MKT340 – Consumer Behavior
MKT365 – Digital Media Management
MKT370 – Advertising Strategies and Sales Promotion
MKT420 – International Marketing
MKT460 – Marketing Research
MKT480 – Marketing Strategies
MKT495 – Marketing Internship

Plus 15 hours of tailored electives.