Great Turnout at the IMC Business Symposium

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On Wednesday, October 3rd, the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) major at Webber held a Business Symposium to talk about the massive changes occurring in the marketing and communications field. Reaching capacity in the Yentes Center, approximately 122 students and professors participated in the event.

The first speaker, Ms. Sophie Zillman, talked about the need to hire brand ambassadors who have a big influence in social media. She also talked about finding balance between playing professional volleyball, career as an executive, and her family.



The second speaker, Mr. Felipe Nuila, talked about how emerging media is having the biggest influence on how companies communicate and market their brand. He expressed the need to gain skills in areas such as analytics, mobile media branding, and augmented reality.


“I was very impressed by the attendance. My eyes opened wide when I walked in the room! I thought the speakers were excellent.” – IMC Professor Kathleen Hardesty

“We had an amazing turnout.  Absolutely fantastic job for the first IMC event.” IMC Professor Dr. Tonya White-Johnson

“I thought the speakers made some very good points”.  Accounting Professor Joanne Muniz

“Awesome morning. Loved the questions our students asked. I know I learned some new things.” – Men’s and Women’s Golf Coach Nancy Nichols

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) has become a powerful force in the digital era – aimed at creating unified, strategic messages to build a successful brand and organization. Our program combines study in advertising, communications, emerging media, marketing strategy, and public relations to help students excel in today’s workplace. This interdisciplinary program is designed to fit your needs and prepare you for a wide variety of positions. Within the IMC major are four different paths: Executive-Level Communications, Strategic Marketing, Emerging Media and Social Media, & Creative Communications.