You attended a college or university, and for one reason or another, you are looking at other options. Webber International University understands what a student who is looking to transfer is going through. You probably have a lot of questions: How many credits are going to transfer? Will this be a better fit? Do we offer the major you are looking for?

One thing we do offer is personal attention, and we are here to help you answer these and any other questions you may have. We know you have a lot to consider when choosing the next college or university you will attend, and we have staff ready to assist you in making the best decision for you.

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Transfer students are those with 15 or more completed college level credit hours.

Admissions Process

Admission Standards

Our admissions philosophy is very simple – we look at each applicant individually as a whole because our mission is to educate the whole individual. There are no stated minimum scores for GPA or test scores. However, we strongly consider GPA and class rank as evidence of past academic success, SAT/ACT scores as an indicator of future academic success, and extracurricular activities with emphasis on leadership, volunteerism, service and commitment as evidence of the breadth and depth of involvement and a predictor of contributions as a member of our campus community.

Selection Process

Selection of students admitted to the University is based upon the credentials submitted by the applicant. The University will give careful consideration to all applicants who submit their credentials by the deadline date. Applicants for regular admission will be notified of their admission status within three weeks of receipt of all required forms and information. This process will continue until the available seats are filled.

Information for students transferring credits to Webber International University

  • Applicants will receive a college credit transfer evaluation prior to enrollment by submitting official transcripts from all previous colleges and universities.
  • In addition to official college transcripts, international students must submit a transcript evaluation from a recognized Foreign Credential Evaluation Service, such as or (for other services available, contact Admissions)
  • Transfer credits are awarded only for academic courses taken at regionally accredited institutions. Grades must be a “C” equivalent or higher. Courses taken at schools not regionally accredited may yield some lower level credit based on additional documents submitted and subsequently reviewed and approved for transfer by the Academic Dean.
  • A maximum of 30 hours is transferable into the associate programs and a maximum of 90 hours for the bachelor programs.
  • An articulation agreement with Florida community colleges allows up to 69 credit hours transferred to a baccalaureate degree at Webber.
  • Transcripts received by Webber International University become the property of Webber and will not be returned to the applicant or forwarded to any other institution. Please do not send us your original transcript/diploma if you have no other copies.

Academic Cooperative Program/Articulation Agreements


Once you have submitted your application and official transcripts, you will receive a transfer evaluation. The evaluation details the transferred courses, credit hours accepted towards your degree and which courses are still required to complete your degree at Webber.

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