Webber International University offers a Master of Business Administration in five areas: Accounting, International Business (online), Management, Criminal Justice Management (online), and Sport Business Management.The MBA program is designed to utilize in-class instruction, modern information technology, team projects, and practical consulting experience to prepare its graduates for global business competition. Our commitment at Webber is to advance the business careers of our partners – the students. We believe that human development is of critical importance and that growth is nurtured by interdependence. Students are encouraged to take advantage of our close-knit, friendly environment. Interactions between faculty members and students are not the exception, but the rule.

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Admissions Process

MBA Preparation

Students with non-business undergraduate majors might need to take a few additional courses at Webber or other regionally accredited institutions to enhance their fundamental understanding of business functions before entering the MBA program. The suggested pre-MBA foundation courses are:

  • One course in Economics
  • Two courses in Accounting
  • One course in Algebra or Calculus
  • One course in Statistics
  • One course in Computer Applications
  • One course in Finance
  • One course in Social Science

Admission Standards

Each applicant will be considered for admission to the MBA program based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative information. If these measures are deemed satisfactory by the Graduate Council, an applicant can be granted admission according to the following quantitative levels of achievement:

A. Need a minimum of 3.5 undergraduate GPA


B. A minimum score of 530 GMAT

A. GMAT + Quality Points = 550 or higher


B. (GPA * 200) + Quality Points = 650 or higher


C. GMAT +(GPA*200) + Quality Points =1,100 or higher

GMAT + (GPA * 200) + Quality Points = 1000-1099

*Quality Points are based on experience, resume, essay and references.

Transfer Policy

Students who are accepted into the MBA program may transfer in no more than 6 credit hours from another MBA program from a regionally accredited college or university. The student must have earned a grade of at least “B-” for each of the classes which are requested to be accepted for transfer credit. Additionally, these credits may not take the place of any of the last 9 credits of the MBA Program (the Practicum course(s) MBA690 – Strategic Thinking in Organizations). Additionally, any MBA course taken from Webber will not be considered for credit toward the MBA degree if the course was taken more than 7 years from the student’s projected graduation date.

Application Deadlines

Fall Acceptance – Applications Submitted by August 1st

Spring Acceptance – Applications Submitted by January 1st

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