Dr. Charles Shieh

Chief Academic Officer/Academic Dean

Lacy Edwards

Director of Academic Planning

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will develop a knowledge base in Psychology that includes Cognitive, Developmental, Biological, and Social Psychology. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the major themes, theories, methodology, and research findings in a minimum of these four areas.
  2. Students will demonstrate critical thinking and scientific inquiry through interpreting, designing, and conducting psychological research.
  3. Students will effectively communicate ideas both orally and in written formats, using the style of the American Psychological Association.
  4. Students will demonstrate ethical reasoning through specific theories such as Kohlberg’s theory of moral development and through the American Psychological Association’s guidelines for ethical research.


Required Courses

In addition to meeting the common core requirements for the degree, students pursuing a BA degree with a Psychology major are required to take the following courses:

Psychology Core Courses offered at NC Campus (online) – 45 Credits

Required Courses – 32 Credits

BIO 221 – Human Anatomy and Physiology (4)
PSY 101 – Introduction to Psychology (3)
PSY 202 – Research Methods in Psychology (4)
PSY 232 – Biopsychology (3)
PSY 240 – Developmental Psychology (3)
PSY 244 – Abnormal Psychology (3)
PSY 266 – Statistical Methods in Psychology (3)
PSY 331 – Social Psychology (3)
PSY 356 – Cognitive Psychology (3)
PSY 494 – Senior Capstone in Psychology (3)

Additional Requirements – 13 Credits

Choose one from the following two courses

PSY331L – Social Psychology Laboratory (1)
PSY 356L – Cognitive Psychology Laboratory (1)

Additional credits from Psychology courses – 12 Credits

(a minimum of 9 credits from 300-400 level courses)

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