Integrated Marketing Communications

IMC Paths

IMC Students attending the annual Business Advisors Luncheon

What We Do and Who You Will Become

A team of professors and industry leaders have put together a program that reflects directly what employers and the customers are seeking. Students going through the IMC program not only learn how to help market the products and services of big brands, but also learn how to market themselves.

We understand YOU want to learn in an active and inspiring environment. This program will help you identify your unique talents and skills, and will help you achieve your dreams doing the things you love most. This program is designed to capture your heart, imagination, and creativity, so that you can contribute immensely to your community.

Powerful skills you will learn:

  1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Establish inspiring goals for you and the businesses you work with.
  3. Become an expert in the industries you choose.
  4. Become powerfully skilled communicating in the newest, emerging media.
  5. Develop marketing strategies that generate revenue for you and the businesses you work with.
  6. Learn how to set up multiple revenue streams so that you don’t have to rely on just one.
  7. Learn powerful leadership skills that will have a positive influence on others.
  8. Harness the power of social media to communicate your message on a massive scale.

Learn in a beautiful environment…

The Integrated Marketing Communications program, located on the campus of Webber International University, has a relatively private and serene surrounding. The family environment makes it easy to concentrate on your classes.

Make new friends…

Meet others who have similar goals as you.

It’s about who YOU become…

We will help you become an affluent business leader, able to make positive contributions in your community.

Team of experts…

Besides working side-by-side with your professors, you will also learn from a team of highly qualified trainers in marketing and communications.

Thousands helped…

Webber International University has graduated thousands of students since 1927.

What to do before your Webber campus visit:

  1. Request that your Advanced Placement (AP) scores and your final grades from your previous University or College be sent to Webber’s Registrar Office
  2. Acquire course syllabus from previous courses at your previous University to ensure you don’t repeat the same class.
  3. Be sure you have satisfied your foreign language requirement.

Meet the Professors

Kathleen Hardesty


Ronald Weber


Dr. Tonya White-Johnson