Undergraduate Elementary Education

Required Courses

These courses are offered at the Florida Campus:

57 Credits

BUS210 – Career Development
CIS101 – Introduction to CIS
ENG111 – English Composition I
ENG112 – English Composition II
ENG280 – Foundations of Rhetoric
ENG330 – Writing Professionally
MAT121 – College Algebra
MGT250 – Principles of Management
SBS250 – Psychology
Humanities Elective (3 Credits)
Social Science Elective (3 Credits)
Science Elective (3 Credits)
Mathematics OR Science Elective (3 Credits)
General Education Elective (3 Credits)
Tailored Electives (12 Credits)

These courses are offered at the NC Campus (online):

21 Credits

PSY220 – Child & Adolescent Development
EDU236 – Technology for Educators
EDU250 – Education, Culture, & Diversity
EDU310 – Curriculum & Instruction
EDU324 – Educational Psychology
EDU352 – Teachers as Leaders
EDU355 – The Exceptional Child

***GPA of 2.5, program application, recommendations, interview, and passing scores on the Praxis I Tests is required for formal admittance in the Teacher Education Program.

These courses are offered at the NC Campus (online):

27 Credits

EDU232 – Elementary PE Methods K-6
EDU319 – Literature for Children & Youth
EDU325 – Foundations in Teaching SS K-6
EDU332 – Language & Literacy
EDU338 – Reading & Language Arts
EDU339 – Social Studies in the Elementary School
EDU341 – Science in the Elementary School
EDU342 – Math in the Elementary School
EDU365 – Fine Arts in the Elementary School

**A grade of “2.75” or above is required for all Professional Pedagogical Courses.
***Must be formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program.

An Academic Concentration (12-15 hours) is required in one of the following four (4) subject areas relevant to K-12 grades classroom: English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

These courses are offered at the NC Campus:

15 Credits

EDU344 – Classroom Management (Independent & Online)
EDU423 – Student Teaching
EDU425 – Student Teaching Senior Seminar

***Total Program Hours: 65 plus the 12-15 concentration credit hours and required Webber International University General Education curriculum hours, for a minimum of 120 credit hours.

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