Undergraduate Corporate Communications

BSBA Degree

In addition to meeting the common core requirements for the degree, students pursuing a BSBA degree with a Corporate Communications major are required to take the following courses:

33 Credits

CIS340 – Web Design for E-Commerce
ENG230 – Media Writing
ENG240 – Technical Writing
ENG420 – Publication Design & Editing
ENG498 – Internship
ENG499 – Seminar in Corporate Communication
MGT300 – Public Relations
MKT370 – Advertising Strategies & Sales Promotion

Any three (3) of the following (9 credits):

ENG250 – Legal Writing
HTM300 – Human Resource Management in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry**
SBM340 – Sport Promotion*
SBM420 – Sport Information & Media Relations
SBM440 – Facilities & Event Management

*Recommended elective for media and public relations emphasis
**Recommended elective for a corporate relations and training emphasis