Computer Information Systems

Meet the Professors

Dr. Linda Davis


Dr. Charles Wunker


Required Courses

In addition to meeting the common core requirements for the degree, students pursuing a BSBA degree with a CIS major are required to take the following courses:

30 Credits

CIS370 – Digital Forensics
CIS295 – Presentation Management
CIS320 – Information Systems
CIS340 – Web Design for E-Commerce
CIS360 – Data Communications in IS
CIS435 – Visual Basic Programming
CIS440 – DB Design & SQL Programming
CIS455 – Internship in CIS
CIS470 – Programming Using C#
CIS499 – Seminar in Information Systems

To enhance the CIS major, students are encouraged to take:

  • MAT320 – Business Calculus as the math/science elective (offered in Spring). This course is not as rigorous as a 2-term calculus sequence for mathematics, physics, or engineering students. You will learn basic calculus concepts that can be applied to business applications. The process of learning business calculus will strengthen your knowledge of basic financial relationships – especially in non-linear situations, which is more typical in the real world. Prerequisite: MAT121
  • ENG240 – Technical Writing as a humanities or tailored elective (offered every other year in Spring).
  • ENG420 – Publication Design and Editing as a humanities or tailored elective. As an Information Systems (IS) professional, you will be expected to create technical documents, including user manuals. These two ENG courses will help you to improve your document design and professional writing skills.

12 Credits

The minor in Computer Information Systems (CIS) is designed to supplement the graduate’s skills in their major area of study with higher-level skills in information systems technology. All majors require two CIS courses in the Business Core module. Choose any four CIS courses (listed in “Bachelor” tab) beyond the ¬†two CIS requirements in the Business Core for a total of six CIS courses.