Sports Performance, Health, & Fitness


Dr. Carleigh Boone

Program Coordinator/Assistant Professor


Our mission is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed by entry and mid-level professionals in the health and fitness field.

Competency Model

The bachelor’s degree in Sports Performance, Health, and Fitness features theoretical and practical experience designed to prepare you for your desired career as a health and fitness professional. The program also features an internship aimed at developing your professional qualifications and marketability for your future work-force endeavors.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will understand the benefits of physical activity and exercise as they pertain to health, wellness, and human performance
  • Students will have a thorough understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology
  • Students will know the basic principles of nutrition as well as understand the impact of nutrition on health and performance
  • Students will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of physical fitness and principles of training
  • Students will be capable of performing fitness assessments and interpreting their results
  • Students will understand proper exercise techniques and how to prevent sport-related injuries
  • Students will be able to design exercise programs tailored to individuals’ specific needs
  • Students will understand concepts of risk management and legal aspects related to sports and sport management
  • Students will be prepared to sit for multiple field-related certifications offered by professional organizations


A minimum total of 120 credits are required for the Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Performance, Health, and Fitness.

Required Courses

General Education Courses (37 credits)

Major Core Courses (56 credits):

Lower Level

SPF 105 – Principles of Health and Fitness
SPF 110 – Program Design in Exercise
SPF 115 – Motor Development & Skill Learning
SPF 210 – Care and Prevention of Injuries
SPF 298 – Field Experience
SBM 231 – Foundations and Principles of PE and Sport
SBM 260 – Ethics & Issues in Sport

Upper Level

SPF 300 – Psychological Aspects of Sport and Exercise
SPF 305 – Personal Training and Strength Conditioning
SPF 310 – Nutrition and Weight Management
SPF 315 – Fitness for Special Populations
SPF 325 – Kinesiology
SPF 350 – Health Fitness Appraisal & Wellness
SPF 370 – Nutrition in Health and Exercise
SPF 400 – Senior Seminar and Certification Review in Health and Fitness
SPF 402 – Exercise Physiology
SPF 495 – Senior Sport Fitness Internship
SBM 465 – Organization and Administration in PE and Sport
SBM 390 – Risk Management & Legal Aspects in Sport

Core Electives (9 credits)

General Electives (18 credits)

Total Credits Required: 120

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