Essential Requirements

Essential requirements have been established to identify the specific occupational technical standards required of students in the program. A student’s decision to enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant (BSOTA) Program should be made after considering the program’s essential requirements.

Applicants are responsible for carefully reviewing the essential requirements and should make inquiries if they are not familiar with the standards and skills listed. Certain chronic or recurrent illnesses and problems that interfere with patient care or safety may be incompatible with occupational therapy training or clinical practice. Conditions that may lead to a high likelihood of student absenteeism should be carefully considered. Deficiencies in knowledge, judgment, integrity, character, or professional attitude or demeanor which may jeopardize patient care may be grounds for course/rotation failure and possible dismissal from the program.

All applicants to the program must have the ability to meet the standards and skills listed below in order to complete the educational requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. If applicants cannot demonstrate the following standards and skills without accommodation, it is their responsibility to request appropriate accommodations with the Coordinator for Special Services (in the Student Services Department) before the beginning of the school term. Webber is committed to the principle of equal opportunity and will provide reasonable accommodation as long as it does not fundamentally alter the nature of the program offered and does not compromise patient safety, or impose an undue hardship such as those that cause a significant expense or are unduly disruptive to the educational process.

Please access this document through the link below, read carefully, and enter your initials, signature, and date in the pertinent boxes. The completed document needs to be submitted to the Admissions Office when declaring your major.

Essential Requirements Form

Please view the Accreditation Status page for the current status of the program.