Health Services Administration


Dr. Nichole Murray

HSA Coordinator/Assistant Professor


Our mission is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed by entry and mid-level care professionals in an ethically and culturally diverse community.


Our vision is to be the premiere health services administration and leadership program recognized for excellence in education, innovative and practice.

Competency Model

Your bachelor’s in Health Services Administration features an interdisciplinary and integrated learning approach, and explores health administration, regulation and financing, healthcare planning and health policy. You will also delve into the social, political, ethical, legal and economic factors contributing to the complexity of the U.S. healthcare system.

What You Will Gain

Upon completion of your Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Services Administration, you will be able to:

  • Analyze the legal and ethical issues of healthcare system
  • Evaluate healthcare leadership and management theories and the organizational components involved in managing healthcare facilities
  • Explore cultural and social-demographic variables influencing the delivery of healthcare services
  • Evaluate issues of fiscal responsibility and quality patient outcomes in healthcare
  • Examine the provision of healthcare services within a regulatory environment
  • Analyze the major financing systems of the U.S. healthcare services
  • Analyze the major forces driving change in the healthcare system
  • Assess the major issues confronting community and public health services


A minimum total of 120 credits are required for the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Health Services Administration.

Required Courses

General Education Courses: 36 credits

Major Core Courses:

Lower Level (29 credits)

HSA100 – Principles of Health Services Administration
HSA119 – Computer Applications in Healthcare
HSA126 – Accounting for Healthcare
HSA200 – Legal Aspects of Healthcare Administration
HSA210 – Culture Competency in HSA
HSA225 – Ethics in Healthcare
BIO120 – Medical Terminology
CIS240 – Computer Application in Business
ECO241 – Microeconomics
MGT250- Principles of Management

Upper Level (37 credits)

HSA301 – Healthcare Setting Analysis
HSA310 – Research Methods in Healthcare
HSA315 – Public Policy in Healthcare
HSA337 – Healthcare Finance
HSA366 – Healthcare Communication
HSA370 – Healthcare Marketing
HSA410 – Seminar in Health Services Administration
HSA415 – Leadership in Healthcare Organization
HSA420 – Health Care Management
HSA450 – Risk Management in Healthcare
HSA493 – HSA Capstone Project
MGT312 – Human Resource Management
MGT412 – Organization Theory & Behavior

Electives: 18 credits

Total Credits Required: 120

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