Graduate Programs

Instruction Methods & Strategies

The Webber International University Graduate School of Business offers an MBA program which focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of business practices. The program capitalizes on the faculty’s ability to focus on proven traditional methods of teaching, which integrate the various facets of effective business administration while utilizing information technology to enhance problem-solving skills.The new technologies include electronic sharing of pertinent information (inter-connectivity), access to a vast amount of information through the information superhighway, and expertise with business application programs.

With classes being taught primarily by full-time Webber faculty, classes meet one nigh per week over the course of a ten-week term. The program is made available through a four-term format offered annually (Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer). Classes meet from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the Webber International University campus in Babson Park, FL.

The traditional methods of instruction include course structures that develop analytic skills, which stress interdisciplinary emphasis, participation-based learning through group case studies, and exposure to conceptual foundations leader to sound strategies. An online teaching method has also been adopted to allow students far away to be enrolled in the program.

Through the Practicum course(s), students undertake group-based consulting projects under the guidance of faculty members. These projects provide ample opportunity for students to test theoretical concepts in applied settings. While focusing on the team approach toward solving problems and executing plans, students arrive at optimal solutions to operational and strategic management problems.

The Graduate School seeks to maintain small class sizes of less than 30 students. At this size, there is ample opportunity for the exchange of ideas between students and faculty.