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Goals for Student Achievement and the Success of Students in Achieving those Goals

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FL Department of Education Data – FL Campus (2008-2017)

Internal Tracking – FL Campus (2008-2018)

NC CAMPUS (2011-2018)

Course Completion Rate

2015-2017 Course Completion Rate Report

Therapeutic Horsemanship NARHA PATHI Certification Report

2004-2018 Certification Report

NC Teacher Education Licensure Report

2007-2018 Licensure Report

Student Retention and Success

2009-2012 Full Time First year Students

2010-2012 Transfer Students

2010-2012 Full Time First Year Student Athletes by Sport

2010-2012 Transfer Student Athletes by Sport

Completion Rate by Ethnicity & Gender – Fall 2010 Cohort

Completion Rate by Ethnicity & Gender – Fall 2011 Cohort

Graduation Rate – Fall 2010 Cohort

Graduation Rate – Fall 2011 Cohort

Enrollment Statistics

2015-2018 Financial Aid Recipients

2013-2018 Undergraduate Age Statistics

2013-2018 MBA Age Statistics

2013-2018 Undergraduate Gender Statistics

2013-2018 MBA Gender Statistics

2013-2018 Undergraduate Ethnicity Statistics

2013-2018 MBA Ethnicity Stats

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

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