Campus Safety

Campus Emergency Website

You can access Webber’s emergency notification website at Here you will find the latest updates regarding emergency situations that impact Webber International University students, faculty, and staff.

Campus Emergency Alerting

Webber International University prides itself on its campus safety. But emergencies can happen any time, any place. As part of our commitment to campus safety, Webber International University has installed a state-of-the art campus alert system featuring Federal Signal’s Eclipse 8 siren (mounted on the tall pole behind the classroom building). We supplement the siren warning with Omniliert’s mass SMS and email notification system to deliver emergency messages to subscribed devices.

While no warning system can replace common sense and situational awareness, and while no system is foolproof, in the event of very serious emergency, we will activate our campus warning system. Except for our weekly test which occurs at 2:00pm each Wednesday, should you hear the siren or get a text message, you need to take immediate action.

Siren Alert Types

Because students sometimes venture away from their computers and cell phones, our primary non-fire emergency notification device is the Federal Signal Eclipse 8 siren (mounted on the tall pole behind the classroom building). There are three distinct warnings this device might generate:

  • Fast wail for 1 minute: This indicates a serious emergency such as an armed intruder or tornado sighting. Whatever is going on, it is big and you need to get to safety fast. We recommend that you get inside, lock doors, stay away from doors and windows, stay low, and await further instructions. This should be accompanied by followed by an Omnilert generated emergency text message sent to subscribed devices.
  • Steady tone for 15 seconds: This is the all clear signal. It indicates that the emergency has passed and it is now safe to resume normal activities. This should be accompanied by followed by an Omnilert generated all clear text message sent to subscribed devices generated all clear text message sent to subscribed devices.
  • Slow wail for 15 seconds: System test. Scheduled for Wednesdays at 2:00pm. No action is required.

Important: The Federal Signal Eclipse 8 siren is NOT, and should not be confused with, a fire alarm. In the event of fire, the fire alarm system will be used. Upon activation of fire alarm: exit building if safe to do so. Listen to fire alarm simulation below.

Subscribe to Messaging

Webber takes Emergency Preparedness seriously. We want you to know what to do when an emergency hits. In order to ensure the safety and security of our students, staff, and faculty; we have teamed up with Omnilert mass emergency notifications. When you sign up, we will send messages to registered mobile phones, wireless PDAs, pagers, and/or e-mail addresses. In addition, e-mail messages may be sent to all Webber students, staff, and faculty e-mail addresses.

To sign up, follow the link below, create an account, and fill out all the all the information. The system will then alert you on all the platforms you sign up for.


You can also sign up by texting WEBBER to 79516

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