The QEP Debate

10 October 2017
You might be asking yourself…what is a QEP? A QEP is a Quality Enhancement Plan. The regional accrediting body, SACS-COC (Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and... Read More

SBM Facility & Event Management Course

27 September 2017
The Facility & Event Management class at Webber is a senior level course for Sport Business Management and Hospitality majors. The key piece of this class is that the students... Read More

Welcome to Webber and the CIS Major

26 September 2017
So what is the CIS department at Webber International University? CIS stands for Computer Information Systems and our major develops and trains students for the world of various computer related... Read More

5 Things High School Seniors Should Be Doing

25 September 2017
Most high schools are back in session by now and it’s time for seniors to start applying for colleges. You don’t have much time left: this is the year of... Read More


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