MBA Courses

MBA 675 – 3 Credits

Effective leadership and management practices are critical to the success of sport business. In this course, students will develop these important skills by examining how leadership styles impact the formulation of effective strategies and policies for sport managers in organizing and directing sport businesses, events, and programs. Special emphasis will be placed on such areas as: policy development, negotiations, labor relations, conflict resolution, organizational culture/behavior, leadership theory, decision-making, problem-solving, and overall organization effectiveness.

MBA 671 – 3 Credits

To achieve a broad based understanding of what is essential to function in sport business, it is imperative that today’s sport manager is cognizant of the legal and political impact in the decision making process. Emphasis will be placed on legal theories, responsibilities, risk management, as well as, the law as it relates to politics and how working with local, state, and federal leaders can affect the structure, development, organization, and delivery of sport facilities, venues, and events.

MBA 670 – 3 Credits

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the essential promotion and marketing strategies vital in the competitive business of conducting and managing sporting events. Students will develop comprehensive marketing plans, fund-raising campaigns and generate corporate sponsorship proposals utilizing the latest trends and methods used in the business world today. Topics to be covered include: marketing theory and relationship to the sport industry, industry segmentation, marketing mix and strategies, sponsorship, licensing, and marketing research as it applies to marketing to the sport consumer, a sporting venue or sporting event.

MBA 662 – 3 Credits

This course explores the advanced theoretical concepts and practical applications associated with corporate finance in general and specifically on capital budgeting and the long-term financing of investment alternatives. Under the assumption of an environment of capital rationing, a particular emphasis is placed on improving decision making through the integrated application of the many aspects of the capital budgeting process to include: forecasting relevant after-tax cash flows, applying a cost of capital to assess project viability and planning to maintain an ideal capital structure while seeking the maximization of shareholder wealth.

MBA 650 – 3 Credits

This course examines current topics related to business law and ethics, including international issues. Topics are covered through a discussion of cases, and business situations, including legal, ethical, social, and philosophical aspects. A “big picture” understanding of how legal and ethical issues affect managerial decision-making is stressed.

MBA 647 – 3 Credits

The viability of a business entity is based in part on its ability to innovate by marketing new products and/or services to accommodate rapid changes in tastes, technology, competition and E-Commerce distribution. The innovation concepts will include breaking free from tradition, while thinking outside the box, and the emerging technological trends necessary to be competitive in E-Commerce. Students will also be introduced to the new product processes of idea generation, consumer research and R&D interface, concept and product testing, product launch, and product life-cycle management.

MBA 640 – 3 Credits

Marketing has evolved in recent years from a mere function of the organization to a business philosophy permeating all levels of the organization. An important objective of organizations is to satisfy the needs of existing and potential customers by meeting or exceeding expectations. In order to accommodate consumer needs efficiently, an organization must recognize the potential consumer (segmentation and targeting), and tailor the design, price, promotion and placing of offerings to most optimum levels.

MBA 636 – 3 Credits

Strategic decisions in organizations must be based in part on information that is subject to cross-verification and validation. This course will introduce students to the methods, strategies, and analysis options available to business researchers. Emphasis will be given to methodological foundations of correlative and experimental research designs including hypothesis testing, sampling methods, and statistical analyses.

MBA 632 – 3 Credits

Economics helps managers acquire a broader understanding of the factors that influence the demand for a firm’s product. A knowledge of economics also equips the manager to deal with events that are external to the firm such as waves of consumer and business confidence, and changes in monetary, fiscal, and trade policies. Managers who understand how markets work at the firm, industry, and global economy levels are well prepared to make decisions in a dynamic environment.

MBA 627 – 3 Credits

The law with regard to estate, gift and trust taxation, estate planning and compliance reporting is the backbone for this course. Further in-depth coverage is provided into the estate and gift tax, generation skipping transfers, valuation, and the income taxation of trusts and estates.


Webber International University Promotes Dr. Fred Fening to Full Professor

Babson Park, Florida Dr. Charles Shieh, Chief Academic Officer, has announced that Dr. Fred Fening has been promoted from the rank of Associate Professor to the rank of Professor. Fening joined the Webber Faculty in 2007. He was appointed the Leslie D. Reagin III Chair of Strategic Management in 2009. He was promoted to Associate […]

Webber’s Dr. Elfie Farchmin Honored With NAIA Wally Schwartz F.A.R. of the Year

SAN DIEGO, CA. – The NAIA 76th Annual National Convention, featured in beautiful San Diego, California, had a different meaning for Webber International University this year. Dr. Elfie Farchmin, Faculty Athletics Representative for Webber, received the prestigious Wally Schwartz Faculty Athletics Representative of the Year Award. The NAIA, once a year, recognizes a Faculty Athletic […]

Webber FBLA-PBL Chapter Places at State Competition

BABSON PARK, FL For Immediate Release During their Spring Break, nine Webber students chose to spend some of their vacation time at the Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL) Florida State Leadership Conference (SLC) in Orlando, FL. Esmeralda Fernandez, Logan Stewart, Joyce Caba, Carlos Rocha, Jordan Lively, David Szotkowski, Myusei Hagiwara, […]

Webber International University Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Babson Park, Florida For Immediate Release Founded on April 6th, 1927 by financial guru, industrialist, and economist Roger Babson (who also founded Babson College in Massachusetts), Webber International University in Babson Park, Florida will be celebrating its 90th anniversary on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 at noon with an open to the public picnic lunch. Babson, […]

Darren Richie Joins Webber International University as Director of Athletics

Babson Park, Florida Mr. Darren Richie has joined Webber International University as its Director of Athletics. Richie last served at Colorado Christian University. During his nearly ten-year tenure there as Director of Athletics, Mr. Richie raised over 3 million dollars for the athletics department, and led CCU to four RMAC Sportsmanship Cup wins, appearances in […]

Webber Students Advance to Florida’s State PBL Competition

On January 21st, nine Webber students traveled to Valencia College East campus for District Competitions for Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Beta Lambda. The students competed in 23 different academic events. Each and every student successfully competed and earned the right to compete in the Florida State competition, which will be held March […]

Webber International University’s Accreditation Reaffirmed!

Babson Park, Florida Following a multi-year review period including an exhaustive self-study, the review and verification of thousands of pages of documentation, and comprehensive on-site review visits to the University’s campuses (located 550 miles apart), at its annual meeting in Atlanta on Monday, December 5th, 2016 the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on […]

Webber International University Announces Tuition Freeze for 17/18 School Year

Like most colleges and universities, operating costs at Webber International University in Babson Park, Florida are skyrocketing.  Health insurance premiums have doubled.  From eggs to toilet paper, electricity to milk, costs are up across the board.  You name it and the price has likely gone up.  And, most schools, Webber included, have had little choice […]

Webber International University Welcomes ITT Students

Webber International University, Babson Park, Florida, announced today that it would make special efforts to welcome displaced ITT students into the University.   “We realize that most of these students got caught mid-education,” said Dr. Keith Wade, President & CEO of Webber International University.  “Our goal is to take as many of their credits, and […]

Webber Places in National FBLA-PBL Competition

Webber International University PBL Sigma Chi Chapter Places in National Competitions of Business Knowledge and Skills Babson Park, Florida For Immediate Release Having made strong showings at the State competition, two International University students placed in the top ten at the FBLA-PBL National Leadership Conference held last week in Atlanta. These competitions test student knowledge […]

Webber International University Earns NAIA Champions of Character 5-Star Rating

BABSON PARK, Fla. – Webber International Athletics was bestowed a 5-Star Champions of Character rating for the 2014-15 season, by the NAIA Thursday morning. The Champions of Character initiative provides training for student-athletes and professional development for coaches and staff. The values of integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship and servant leadership are put into play and accounted […]

Webber named a “Best in the Southeast” college by The Princeton Review

WEBBER INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY NAMED “A BEST IN THE SOUTHEAST” COLLEGE BY THE PRINCETON REVIEW ON ITS WEBSITE FEATURE: “2016 BEST COLLEGES: REGION BY REGION” Webber International University is one of the best colleges in the Southeast according to The Princeton Review ( The well-known education services company lists the college among its “Best in the Southeast” recommended schools […]


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