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During the week of March 23 – 27, 2015 the members of the Alpha Omega Rho chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association from Webber International University’s Criminal Justice Program traveled to Nashville Tennessee to compete in the American Criminal Justice Association’s National Conference and competition. This conference had well over 500 students and professionals attending and competing in the various events. The students in attendance from WIU were, Cody Stepp, Catherine Floyd, Meghan Williams, Jessika Hester, Gabriella Gonzales and Ben Botteron, all competed in the physical agility competition, the crime scene competition and several scholastic exams such as criminal law, corrections and juvenile delinquency. The students attended the opening banquet and several meetings and training sessions to include a lecture by Dr. Bass the well know Forensic Anthropologist known for his work with cadavers and creator of the body farm where various aspects of cadaver decomposition is observed and used for assisting law enforcement with death investigation cases. They also attended a lecture presented by Dr. Peter A. Barone, the Chair of the Webber International University Criminal Justice program, in his area of expertise pertaining to Officer Involved Shooting cases. The students are now preparing for the American Criminal Justice Association Region V conference and competition which is going to be held in Huntsville Alabama during the second week of October 2015.

 On April 1, 2015 Webber International University hosted the Annual Business Luncheon. The Criminal Justice Management Program had two chiefs and one sergeant present. Chief Giddens from Lakeland Police Department; Chief Bird from Haines City Police Department and Sergeant Vanblarcom from Lake Wales Police Department were in attendance. The CJM program had its’ Chair Dr. Peter A. Barone in attendance with several students, Cody Stepp, Cat Floyd, Ben Botteron, Meghan Williams, Gabriella Gonzales and Bethany Forsythe. The students had the opportunity to discuss current law enforcement issues with the chiefs and also be advised as to what the law enforcement community is looking for in its potential candidates for police positions now and in the future. This was a very successful event for the Law Enforcement professionals, the students, the Chair of the program and the university.

 On April 8, 2015 22 members of Webber International University’s Criminal Justice Management Program departed WIU for the Highlands County Court House located some 40 miles away in downtown Sebring Florida. The purpose of this trip was for the Chair of the Criminal Justice Management Program, Dr. Peter A. Barone, to have his students be present in a live court room during First Appearance, Arraignments, Violation of Probation Hearings, Pleas and Sentencing procedures. The students were present for all of these legal proceedings and then upon completion of the court docket County Court Judge Anthony Ritenour spent 45 minutes speaking to the students regarding the processes and procedures they had been present for and then conducted a question and answer period. At the end of the session the judge took a picture with the WIU CJM students. The students then were taken on a tour of the entire court house which lasted about 40 minutes. After a lunch the students were taken to the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office where they were taken a very detailed tour of the county jail which began with a short information session by Captain Blackman and Major Booker. The tour lasted approximately two hours. After the tour of the jail, Dr. Barone, still a part time deputy sheriff with the sheriff’s office took the students on a tour of the other parts of the sheriff’s office’s headquarter to include the personnel section, the inmate medical section, the warrants section, and the communications section. The students were able to put a face and a real life encounter to what they learn in the classrooms from their very well qualified cadre of professors. It was a consensus that the entire trip, to include lunch was a great success and there are more trips similar to this one being planned for next semester.

 On April 9, 2015 the Criminal Justice Program of Webber International University hosted its’ second Annual Law Enforcement and Military Career Day on campus in the Yentes Center. The Chair of the CJM program Dr. Peter A. Barone and his students worked together for the past several months obtaining the agreement of several law enforcement agencies and several branches of the military to be present for this important career event. There were a large number of agencies and several branches of the military represented and a good number of students kept the flow of participants and questions moving during the event. Agencies came from Hillsborough County, Polk County and the surrounding areas. Several students filled out applications for law enforcement agencies and several made appointments with the military services to attend testing and information sessions pertaining to possible active and reserve positons.  The event was very successful and Dr. Barone is looking forward to next years’ event.

New Picture (5)New Picture (6)New Picture (4)New Picture (3)

Webber hosted the 2nd Annual What Do You Know contest on the evening of Thursday, April 9th in the Conference Center. The academic competition was designed by Associate Professor of Management, Dr. Fred Fening for the MGT312-Human Resource Management course. The purpose of the competition is to challenge students in an academic setting on key concepts learned in the course. There were three teams with three representatives from each section of MGT312 to makeup the team. Students enjoyed the competitive environment and the winning team consisted of Adam Jenkins, Andrea Gobbo, and Abelardo Cabrera Gil. A complete list of teams is as follows:

Human Resource Management Teams

Adam Jenkins
Andrea Gobbo
Abelardo Cabrera Gil

Bruno Peschke
Jalen Scott-Jones
Zoe-Rae Hart

Krystal Huyler
Mark Knight
Rachel Frederick

The event was a success and the planning process for the 3rd Annual What Do You Know competition has already started. Thanks to all students, faculty, and staff for your support and participation!

by: Professor Ronald Weber

The American Marketing Association is a professional association of marketing enthusiasts which began in 1937. Through the years they published peer reviewed publications like Journal of Marketing, Journal of International Marketing, and Journal of Marketing Research. Today, it consists of 76 professional chapters and 250 collegiate chapters. AMA members enjoy interacting with others in their industry by attending monthly chapter meetings and through the AMA online social media network.

“AMA’s social media channel brings marketers together to build relationships, solve marketplace challenges and create invaluable networks.” – AMA – American Marketing Association Community Site.

AMA Community Site
AMA Community Site

The AMA community site is built to serve marketing enthusiast. It combines with Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube to interact with writers, experts, students, and business owners. Rotating between the AMA community site and the entire social network seems very smooth.  The community site announces conferences, links to publications, seminars, and AMA TV. On the main page they have an “Ask the Expert” drop down menu that connects you with marketing experts all over the U.S. Under the “Careers” drop down menu businesses can post job openings and job applicants can post their resumes.

AMA social sites
AMA Community Network

Target Audience

The target audience for the AMA Community site is clearly people who work in the marketing industry. These are men and women between the ages of 20 and 55. These are professionals who work in advertising, research, social media, public relations, and international marketing. The site connects students, professors, social media architects, copy writers, and professional sales people from all over the world.

Community  AMA Group Photo

How the community works.

The AMA community site uses the major social media platforms to connect its members. Pinterest caught my interest the most. Working on this project I found myself reading blog after blog in many different categories. The AMA Pinterest site has over 23 different boards featuring many aspects of marketing like, AMA TV, AMA Publications, Words of Wisdom, Local Chapters, and many more.

Why the AMA Community Social Site is So Important

The AMA organization competes with many other professional organizations like American Association of Advertising Agencies AAAA and the International Association of Customer Service IACS. To be a leader in their industry AMA must show that they know how to use the latest trends and technologies to connect their members. It is important to the community because it connects professors with students, employers with potential employees, and improves the overall quality of life for business workers and its customers.

What makes the AMA Community Site stand out?

The most valuable unique characteristic of the AMA Community site is the sheer amount of valuable information available. AMA publishes five different peer-reviewed journals. Some monthly, one weekly journal, several daily blogs, and their new AMA TV. Each online journal, YouTube video, and Pinterest has direct link to the other, which allows its members to flow easily between them.

My thoughts on the site 

I thought the AMA Community Site was extremely useful. And with the addition of AMA TV, I know I will be visiting more frequently. You see, when I attended college in the 80’s, the only people in AMA that I knew were our professors and fellow students. Fortunate for me, I was able to meet more people when I attended an AMA conference in New Orleans my senior year. Other members in our Missouri State chapter were not.  All of us had access to the AMA Journals through our university library. Occasionally I would use the articles for school assignments.

The AMA Community site totally revolutionizes how people who are interested in marketing interact with each other. Is there room for the site to improve? Yes, but I am extremely happy with the mass amount of useful information and the ability to meet colleagues who have the same interest as me.

Proximity Marketing

How can the AMA Community site use proximity marketing?

Here are a few examples of how the AMA Community site can use proximity marketing:

  1. AMA members can be signaled when another member is in the same area. This can work well at airports and conventions where people have time to socialize with one another.
  2. College students who study marketing will receive marketing updates when they near their college campus. This is important because the student will only receive the information when they find it most useful- not when they are out socializing.
  3. Similar to Uber, when a customer needs a sales person, an alert can go out to AMA members within 5 miles who can quickly stop in and offer advice or sell them a product. This is meant to connect customers and sales people physically very quickly.

Social Content  AMA Pinterest

The AMA Community site presents members with quality information. It also unites members with questions with subject matter experts. One visit to AMA Pinterest site and you can see the 23 boards that relate to the overall integrated marketing communications effort. The one unified message that AMA emits is clear –quality members and quality content.

Becoming a member of AMA is not free. To get the full use of the AMA Community site members must pay $300 yearly dues. This ensures AMA only gets serious individuals who will conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Introducing Proximity Marketing

by: Ron Weber

As a social media architect, a major way to differentiate your business from your competitors is to launch a proximity or hyper local media campaign. Proximity marketing is defined as a mobile app downloaded by users that will provide highly recommended and personalized places to go in your area.  When a potential consumer enters a certain area an automatic notification will show up on a user’s mobile unit from a retailer, restaurant, or café via Wifi or Bluetooth. (Links to an external site.)

Benefits to the Marketer

  1. Users only receive notifications to business in the current location therefore the  notification is considered less intrusive and more likely to be viewed
  2. Local marketers only reach potential customers in the general area and therefore considered to be much more cost effective.
  3. Flexibility – Marketers can release mobile unit notifications anytime throughout the day or only release the post when the temperature rises above a certain degree, for example.
  4. If a potential customer finds the information useful he/she will forward this information to friends who would also like the information.  The benefit to the marketer is there consumer is actually doing the marketing for them.
  5. Top of Mind – By delivering value and being “there” when the need arise improves the chances dramatically that consumer will buy from you.
  6. Proximity marketing reaches the right customer at the right time and the right place. (Links to an external site.)

How can proximity marketing be incorporated into the overall marketing mix?

Proximity marketing should be integrated into the overall marketing mix by complimenting the other elements in the marketing and promotional mix. It should be included in the budget from the very beginning.

Product Strategies: Built into the product or the package is a RFID signal that offer the nearby mobile user information about the product – for example, ingredients, manufactured date , special offers, possible allergies, recipes etc.  The opt–in mobile user’s unit can also send a signal to the merchandise that a certain number of visitors walked by, tried on the merchandise, or even returned the item.

Pricing Strategies:  The goal of pricing strategies is to price the product to the right customer at the right time.  Certain merchandise equipped with the proximity program can identify when a certain customer is in the area and instantly change the price to meet the customer’s perceived value and maximize the company’s profits. Price changes can be set up with a simple multiple regression analysis with 8-9 different independent variables.

Y=a + b1X1 + b2X2 + b3X3

In this case, the price (dependent variable) is changed due to a change in the weighted independent variables.  These variables can be time of the day, income of the customer, last time they were in the area, and temperature outside.

Place Decisions:  Proximity marketing is used to lure people into a business when a potential customer enters the nearby area.  The messages sent to the mobile unit user should be interesting factors to the user.  It should also incorporate the same feel, theme, colors, and relationship of all of the other social media communications.


The promotional mix is made up of personal selling, sales and trade promotions, advertising, public relations, and social media marketing.  Each element of the promotional mix should communicate one unified.  With today’s technology coupons, sales, advertisements, and social media communication can change simultaneously.

Ultimately, proximity marketing promotions would change specifically for one unique customer.



The marketing uses of wearables have only begun.  Think of the data available to marketers as consumers with Google Glass and Apple Watch enter the store.  Because consumers opt-in to receive coupons, specials rates, and up to date information, they also send a signal to marketers of what type of items they buy, when they bought it, how often, and where it was bought.  When consumers use their Google Glass and Apple Watch to pay for items the data is logged for future marketing uses.

Imagine a restaurant or retailer instantly receiving a signal that you have entered a mall area.  Within a second the computer algorithm has determine your consumer profile which includes your needs, interests, and the last few weeks of conversation on Facebook.  So…for the last 3 weeks, you have been posting about events during your softball games.  The first week you said you hit a home run.  The next week you told your friends that you lost the game in the last inning.  The third week, you posted that your bat was stolen and you had to borrow someone’s bat.

The time has come that within a second a local sports retailer can identify your need and send you a notification on your mobile unit that the retailer has a “28 ounce Dudley Balance” for sale. Incredible! And it doesn’t stop there.  By using Google Wallet or Apple Pay, a data file is kept on your overall purchase patterns. By linking your purchasing patterns with your conversations in the social media, marketers now have a much more efficient way to advertise.

The fundamental of marketing has not changed since the beginning of time.  Marketing is defined by meeting the customers’ needs at a profit.  Proximity marketing allows marketers to advertise to the consumers in a much more efficient and effective way and the consumer to receive advertisement about items they are only interested in. (Links to an external site.)

Personal Experience

This last Saturday night, my wife and I went to Outback Steakhouse to eat.  The line was very crowded and we sat on a bench out front. I noticed my cell phone lit up.  I naturally checked it and it said “Welcome back to Outback”.  I was impressed.  Further into the message, was a note that said would you like to join us at the bar for a glass of wine?


I spent the rest of the evening wondering how Outback knew I was at the restaurant and knew I was waiting on a bench out front waiting to be seated.  I also wondered how Outback knew we were about to order two glasses of wine.  I texted back a message and said “yes”.  Besides spending 2 minutes buried into my cell phone my wife was impressed when 2 glasses of wine were waiting for us.

How did this happen?

I asked the bartender and our waitress about how does Outback know I was here. Neither one of them could give me an answer.  The best that I could guess is that I filled out a consumer survey that was on my receipt 3 months ago. I completed the survey on my cellphone.  That has got to be it.

Budweiser, Ellen Degeneres, and Home Depot

In this blog we will evaluate the social media marketing efforts of 3 brands – Budweiser, Ellen Degeneres, and Home Depot. Each of these brands is a common household name in completely different industries. The following is a list of items we will discuss on each brand.

  • Does the brand have an IMC approach?
  • Is the brand consistent in messaging and imagery?
  • Is content in the social sites up to date?
  • How do the brands drive users to the other social channels?
  • Are hashtags used regularly?


Being from St. Louis and watching a lot of sports in my lifetime, Budweiser was always the “King of Beers” and the kind of advertising. Every season opener for the St. Louis Cardinals the fans saw the majestic Budweiser Clydesdale marching on the field with 50,000 screaming fans. Everyone had a hotdog in one hand and a Budweiser in other – slightly exaggerating. This was a tradition every year and some of my best memories.

Anheuser Busch is also the king of marketing. It is tough work to keep your brand the Top of Mind when it comes to all the other competing beers brands like Miller and Coors. The Budweiser brand began in 1875 before television and radio but as the culture changes so does Budweiser.

Does Budweiser have an IMC advertising approach?

I looked up Budweiser on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. In each of the social media platforms Budweiser maintained a consistent overall theme and feel. All four Budweiser social media sites use the same logo and distinctive red color. See photos. Photos in every platform always show one of the following, the Clydesdale horses, bottles of beer, or showing how the beer is made.

Budweiser  Facebook Community

Screenshot 2015-02-22 20.26.13

Budweiser on

Budweiser Instagram

We don’t take our label off for anyone. #MardiGras #Budweiser #MardiGras2015

A photo posted by Budweiser (@budweiser) on

Budweiser on Pinterest

Is the Budweiser social site up to date?

The Budweiser social sites are updated several times throughout the day and every day. To engage the followers, Budweiser as questions such as “Where were you when you had your first Budweiser?

How does one Budweiser social site lure people to the other sites?

During this week, I haven’t seen evidence of Budweiser luring followers to the other social sites or web page. Although each Budweiser social site is consistent, engaging, up to date, they don’t intertwine one social site with the other.


Budweiser makes good use of the hashtags. In almost every Budweiser video on Facebook and Twitter come with a hashtag. Here are some examples, “#BestBuds”, “#ThisBudsforYou, “#HolidayBuds”

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres is not one of the Forbes 100 Most Valuable Brand Names. Not even close. So why did I pick this brand name? While doing research for this project I saw the most popular brand on Instagram. In the Top Five Instagram profiles, were brands that I expected like Nike, Victoria Secrets, and National Geographic. But I did not expect Ellen Degeneres to number one on Instagram. The Ellen Show (Links to an external site.) No way! So I had to check out her other social media sites.

Ellen on Instagram

Who likes a selfie during Oscars? Apparently… everyone does #oscars

A photo posted by Ellen Degeneres (@_ellendegeneres_) on

Ellen Degeneres has an Instagram account called “TheEllenShow”. Not surprising that most of her photos and videos are about her show. The visual aspect of her Instagram account is consistent with Ellen’s personality. The most recent photos and videos that she shares are cute kids, celebrities on her show, and funny computer graphics of her imitating another celebrity.

Why is Ellen number one on Instagram?

The reason Ellen is number one on Instagram is because a combination of things.

  1. She has a highly rated television show that really connect with the audience. Budweiser and Home Depot do not have a 60 minute daily show.
  2. Ellen’s fans can interact directly to one of Ellen’s posts on Instagram and Twitter.
  3. Ellen appears only to entertain. She is not trying to sell anything. Budweiser and Home Depot can say that.
  4. There is a real person behind “TheEllenShow”. Budweiser, Nike, and Home Depot cannot say that.
  5. One day last year a neighbor of mind was so excited because Ellen retweeted one of her post. You would think that my neighbor won the lottery.

Ellen on Twitter

Some of you might remember, last year on this date Ellen Degeneres hosted the Oscars. During her show she took a “selfie” picture with some of the biggest celebrities. This picture was posted on Twitter and immediately went viral. It now holds the record for the most retweeted item on Twitter. Like Instagram, the followers of Ellen on Twitter can feel like they are tweeting directly with Ellen herself. If Ellen does not respond, the followers can still interact with one another and share their enthusiasms.

Ellen on Pinterest

Ellen’s Pinterest account is linked directly to her website.

Ellen’s photos and videos found on Pinterest show the same consistent theme in all of her social media sites.

  • Do they take an IMC approach?
  • Are they consistent in messaging and imagery?
  • Is content up to date?
  • How do they drive users to the other social channels?
  • Are hashtags used regularly?
  • Any other items of note?

Ellen’s IMC Approach

Big brands have a lot to learn from Ellen. Between Ellen’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest account, there is one consistent overall message. The show is about fun, family, and sometimes quirky comedy.

Ellen’s consistent imagery

Ellen’s consistent theme across all of her social media platforms appears genuine and spontaneous. It appears not to have any alternate motive except let’s have fun together watching the show.

Ellen posts content about her show daily on all her social media platforms. It makes me wonder how she has all of the time to do that.

On each of Ellen’s social sites you will see links to the other sites. On her Pinterest site you can see the Twitter logo and on the Instagram account you can see the Facebook logo. My observation showed that followers could visit which ever site that they felt most comfortable participating in.

Ellen’s social sites are filled with hashtags that allow Ellen’s fans to retweet and share with their friends. Here are a few examples, “#EllenPage” and “#Oscars”.

Home Depot

Home Depot has a personality on their social sites as well. Home Depot does not have the same feel and theme as “TheEllenShow”, but it is still quite effective.

  • Do they take an IMC approach?
  • Are they consistent in messaging and imagery?
  • Is content up to date?
  • How do they drive users to the other social channels?
  • Are hashtags used regularly?
  • Any other items of note?

After reviewing the social media sites of Home Depot, I was most amazed with their Pinterest site. Home Depot has over 45 different Pinterest boards that you can click and follow. Each Pinterest board are labeled in a way that might interest their followers. Instead of using names such as Gardening, Painting, Cabinets, and Flooring, they use Gardening Club, Paint Your Heart Out, and Kitchen Ideas and Inspiration.

Home Depot on Pinterest

Home Depot on Facebook

Home Depot on Facebook is more interactive and engaging than Pinterest. People visit Home Depot’s Pinterest site for ideas and inspiration. Friends of Home Depot on Facebook visit the site to ask questions and connect with other Home Depot friends. Home Depot will share many posts from their followers who contribute something favorable about the brand.

Home Depot on Twitter

Home Depot on Twitter is consistent with the colors and feel of all of the other social sites. Spend five minutes on the Home Depot Twitter site you quickly see posts of people offering advice and good deals. Compared to the other brands listed in this blog, Home Depot was the only brand that replied back to me personally.


Home Depot maintains their unique orange logo in each of their social media sites. In all of their photos there is a common earth tone hue to each one. Topics and discussions all focus on “home improvement” items.

Up to date

Home Depot keeps things fresh in all of their social sites. I could not find any evidence of something that is old and dated. Follow Home Depot Pinterest social site for one week and you will see 30-40 new photos to your favorite board alone.


Home Depot makes good use of the hashtags to create conversations among their followers. Here are a few examples, “#springhiring” and “#styletrend”.

The take away from studying each of these brands is to deliver value.  This value may come in many shapes, sizes, and forms.  But ultimately to be successful in building your brand through social media is to engage your audience and let them feel they a part of the brand itself.


By: Professor Ronald Weber

The Verdict is Still Out.

It still has not been determined exactly how social media networks contribute to the overall marketing mix in delivering sales?

There is no perfect formula for the amount of effort spent in social media relative to traditional methods in giving a company the best return on their investment.  All we can say is “It seems to be working”. But this phrase is not very comforting to a CEO who has to decide how much to budget for social media efforts.

If you listen to Marcus Wohlsen, Email is crushing Facebook and Twitter in delivering online sales (Links to an external site.), Facebook and Twitter barely even register as a means of getting people to buy online.  In his article, Google’s Adword Searches CPC and Organic searches make more than half of online purchases.

 “It seems to be working”

All of the Forbes Top Most Valuable Brand Names (Links to an external site.) have a tremendous presence in social media.

  1. Apple
  2. MicroSoft
  3. Google
  4. Coca Cola
  5. IBM
  6. McDonalds
  7. General Electric
  8. Samsung
  9. Toyota
  10.  Louis Vuitton

Some brands like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung are so engrained in the electronic world that it is impossible for anyone to picture the Internet without these brands.  Just because your company has a superior product doesn’t mean you can wait until the customers come to you.  These Forbes Top 10 find a way to be on TV, Billboards, Movies, and Print during the most important events in our lives and get people to stand in line for days to buy the product.

Instagram, barely thought of 7 years ago, now contributes to the success of many brands in the Top 100 Most Valuable Brand Names.

The Nitrogram Top 50 Brands on Instagram

  1. Nike (Links to an external site.)
  2. Starbucks (Links to an external site.)
  3. Forever 21 (Links to an external site.)
  4. Adidas (Links to an external site.)
  5. Topshop (Links to an external site.)
  6. Victoria’s Secret (Links to an external site.)
  7. Vans (Links to an external site.)
  8. Red Bull (Links to an external site.)
  9. Michael Kors (Links to an external site.)
  10. Converse (Links to an external site.)

Top 10 Instagram Brands by Followers

  1. The Ellen Show (Links to an external site.) 2.3MM
  2. Victoria’s Secret (Links to an external site.) 2.1MM
  3. National Geographic  (Links to an external site.)2MM
  4. Nike (Links to an external site.) 1.6MM
  5. Louboutin (Links to an external site.) 1.3MM
  6. Forever 21 (Links to an external site.) 1.3MM
  7. MTV (Links to an external site.) 1.3MM
  8. Starbucks (Links to an external site.) 1.3MM
  9. E! Online (Links to an external site.) 1.2MM
  10. Topshop (Links to an external site.) 1MM


How can Facebook, Twitter and Instagram contribute to the success of online sales?

Brand managers need to look at marketing completely different than we did just 10 years ago.  Here are five tips that may help you build your overall marketing campaign.

  1. Today’s consumers are more informed.
  2. Today’s consumers have multiple sources of information
  3. Today’s consumers have less time to search for solutions to their problems therefore rely on brands they trust.
  4. The existence of the brand is far greater than the product or service
  5. Brand image can take the form of a symbol, name, people’s face, logo, colors, or even an experience.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the others are an excellent medium for connecting with the whole heart, sole, and imagination of their potential customers. Consumers are now able to encircle themselves with a brand image and potentially improve their own brand by just by association.  “Pull the iPhone6 from my Gucci. I want to show you an Instagram picture of my BMW.”  Some brand names have become ordinary generic names in our culture that it is part of our every day language.  For example, “After you Xerox a copy for our files, please Fed Ex it to California.”

The western culture’s collective conscience seems to promote living life to its fullest. On Facebook people post happy times with their friends and family. On Twitter and Instagram they share an experience they just went through, like a picture of them on the beach in Rio or flying on a zip line.

Many consumers buy emotionally and justify their purchase logically at a later time. Consumers need that emotional drive to get them to take some kind of action.  This is where social media comes in.  Brands should use the social media platforms to not only build relationships but also create an emotional response.

The Law of Association states that when people are in a peak state of mind, whatever is around them consistently at that time will get linked up and they will not forget. So the answer to how can social media help increase online sales is one, create an emotional response (hopefully positive) and two, attach your brand name when they are in that peak emotional state.


Social media architects swim with their fan base regular in the specific social media platforms. They should know what, who, why, where and WHEN consumers buy.  The “social fresh” team at JetBlue (Links to an external site.) understand their audience so well that they understand video game jargon made by a fellow follower on Twitter. How many other companies can say that?  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the companies email department should work in cooperation and complement each other.  Since we know consumers make more of their purchases by email, the social media platforms should complement that.  Social media can raise awareness and create enough of an emotional charge that it gets the customer to take our desired action.

Overcoming the Hurdles

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram barely register when it comes to customers buying in social media. Most of the purchases are made by email or through organic searches. If Facebook, Twitter and Instagram want to overcome this hurdle they can improve their search engine algorithms. Google has such the trust with its users and overall incredible market share that it very difficult for Facebook to allocate resources to compete against that.  Some probably have the philosophy of either do it right or don’t do it all.

Earning the trust is very important.  My suggestion is to get consumers to make everyday purchases through Facebook or Twitter, like a pizza for example.  Eventually the trust will build up and consumers will become more comfortable about buying through the social media platforms.

Webber International University

Business Advisors Luncheon

April 1, 2015

“Leadership Skills”

Every year WIU holds a Business Advisors Luncheon that brings business leaders, professors, and students together in one room to share their thoughts and ideas.

Purpose of the Luncheon: The purpose of the luncheon is to allow business leaders to share their advice to professors and students on what skills, knowledge and attitude today’s job seekers need to possess.

Topic: “Leadership Skills”

Date and Time:     Business Advisors Luncheon

                                    April 1th, 2015

                                    11:30 – 1:00

Place:                        Yentes Center at Webber International University

1201 N. Scenic Highway

Babson Park, Florida 33827

Lunch will be served and a guest speaker will discuss the latest business topic.

Your participation is greatly appreciated. We would love to have you.

If you would like to attend please email your confirmation to:


The Tale of Three Blogs

by: Professor Ronald Weber

The first blog site that I visited was the Huffington Post. The Huffington Post has many different blog topics to choose from, like World News, Business, Politics, Sports, Arts, and Science. I had to stop myself from reading everything because there were hundreds of blog articles to choose from. The headline for the articles can really pull your interest.Huffinton post

I decided to pick only one blog posting from Huffington Post for this review. The title is “Ten Cities Where Crime is Soaring” I wanted to see if my town, Orlando, was on the list. Every night on the news violent crimes are being reported. I figured Orlando would surely be on that list. However, it was not. The top ten cities where crime is growing are:

  • Monroe, Michigan 159% increase
  • Bismarck, North Dakota 92% increase
  • Medford, Oregon 80%

This article is a news blog just like all of Huffington Post entries. The purpose of the hundreds of blogs is to:

  • inform news addicted readers of the latest worldly events and
  • generate enough traffic flow on their site to sell advertising

What makes Huffington Post so unique is the sheer vastness of topics and in depth articles that are being reported. They are doing what New York Times and Newsweek use to do with their newspaper magazine respectively. The Huffington Post positions itself as the source where national talk show host, CNN, msNBC, and Fox get their news. They are highly respected and referenced often as a credible source.

What drives people to the Huffington Post?

National political talk show host, CNN, Fox, local news and BBC reference the Huffington post often which gains exposure and improves brand equity. Listeners who hear this reference will visit this blog site to gain even more details that was not presented in the media news. In regards to integrated marketing communications, the Huffington Post does a good job at presenting a professional and consistent image on the site. Their contributing writers and particular insight to the world events attract major decision makers, like politicians, CEO’s, and university professors.

Based on this week’s readings and lecture the Huffington Post does exactly what a good blog will do.

  1. The fresh content will improve SEO
  2. The content of the blogs attract major decision makers
  3. The consistent details attract readers back on a daily basis
  4. Plus creates a two-communications.

I saw one political topic with over 750 responses one day. Now, that is engagement.

The Huffington Post is so vast that it is difficult to see what it might be missing. The only thing I can think of is videos. Although the sight includes links to videos that mostly only right articles.

Advertising is a big component of the Huffington Post. Based on the type of articles that you consistently read and based on the profile you created when you sign up, you will be exposed to advertisements that huffpostadsare related to your demographic and psychographic characteristics.

For my second blog I chose, Scientific American

scientific america article

I had to be careful with this sight as well. As I was perusing through the drop down menu bar, I found myself getting interested in several different articles. I decided to read “Self Driven Cars Get New Laws in California”. I read the whole article and wondered if I would allow a Google car drive me from Point A to Point B. I don’t think so. The articles go on about all of the restrictions and who would be liable if something bad happened.

The Scientific American is a full time professional blogging site that makes hundreds of articles available to interested visitors. The visitors can choose from such topics as energy, health, evolution, mind, space, technology, biology, and physics. This particular article looks upon the legal restriction to new technological advances. The state of California has to juggle between citizen’s safety and entrepreneurial freedom.

The purpose of the Scientific American is similar to the Huffington Post, however SA focuses primary on the readers interests in the sciences. Scientific American blog provides good quality information to interested readers in hopes to attract advertisers who would like to expose their brands.

Scientific American is unique by providing high quality content in the field of science. The vast amount of blogs available also makes them unique. It would be difficult for others to build a distinctive niche as SA.

Scientific American is a publication of science articles for over 100 years in the print media. Now that the articles can easily be distributed via internet blogs is will be read by millions of more people. And because the internet blog site is Facebook and Twitter friendly, it is quite easy for interested readers to share their finding on the own personal social media site.

Google is Scientific American biggest driver to their blog site. Any time a curious individual wants to know “How old is earth?” or “What was the largest dinosaur?” Scientific American pulls up on the list of Google websites to visit. Wikipedia is also right there that I noticed.

Integrated marketing communications means all outward communications must emit one unified message. From my observation in the SA blog site, every title, color, topic, and contributors all are in the blog site for one purpose and that’s about sharing scientific knowledge.

Scientific America is a very successful site by attracting 36,000 new visitors per month. They include videos, graphics, and two way communications. SA provides rich content from experts in their industries which attract news followers and provides material for them to come back. SA is held in high regards and professors will accept references from their peer-reviewed content.

Yes, there are plenty of advertisers. The more common advertisers are travel sites, other scientific magazines, and television shows.

scientifica america

My third blog site is Pitchfork. Pitchfork is a music blog site where music lovers or haters can go to and express their thoughts about music. The first two blog sites mentioned previously were news blog and professional science blogs. Pitchfork is a recreational music site that allows people to upload their own music and have other people comment on them. Pitchfork will post articles daily by musicians and fans.

I would not have chosen this site for this report accept Pitchfork has a tremendous amount of interactivity. The authors and writers know exactly what to say to get their members to respond. The Pitchfork response rate is probably 20 times better than the response rate of Scientific America. Many of the blog entries Pitchfork get more than 90,000 shares and retweets. Incredible!

The layout of the site is not as organized and professional as Huffington Post or Scientific America.

There are blogs from different genres throughout the pages.

An advertisement for Lexus can be found as a banner ad or even in the spot where a regular blog would go.

In regards to what makes blogs successful, I think Pitchfork does a very good job. For members, the content is strong and gives them insights they would not ordinarily see in any other news media. Compared to Huffington Post and Scientific American, Pitchfork is by far more engaging.

What did I learn from analyzing these three blog sites?

  1. Content is key to attract new members and keep them coming back.
  2. Content must be up to date
  3. Interesting
  4. Relevant to me
  5. Tell me something that I can’t get from the main stream media
  6. Easy to navigate and search is important.

Classic Marketing versus Social Media Marketing
By: Ron Weber

The rules for traditional marketing methods are completely being rewritten. The classic marketing advertising mediums are crumbling on the doorsteps of advertising agencies who still use television, radio, newspaper, and magazines as their main sources of advertising. From the ashes come a new phoenix in marketing and communications and its transferring the power to the ultimate consumer.

Charmin Brand

Folgers Brand

The classic methods of marketing were more of a one way communication and somewhat intrusive. Advertisers interrupted your favorite TV show with advertising jingles that played over and over again. Anybody today over the age of 40 can tell you what Mr. Whipple told you not to squeeze and the ‘best part of waking up”. Many advertisers believed advertising could get consumers to buy products and services that they did not need.

The classic car salesperson is a good image of the traditional methods of marketing. The sales person in those days controlled the flow of information to help sell them the car they wanted to sell.

Pushy Car Salesperson

Hello sir….can I interest you in a 1982 Buick with only 75,000 miles?” “No….I am more interested in the 1987 Nova because it has better gas mileage.” No….the Buick is what you want. It has leather seats, cruise control, power steering. Five thousand dollars and it’s yours.”

These days, many times the consumer knows more about the products than the salesperson. Consumers regular research the brands, company and competitors before actually visiting a car dealer for example. If the salesperson acts pushy and uncaring like the salesperson above, the consumer will simply walk away and never come back.

With the new social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Youtube consumers are able to talk among themselves and potentially reach millions of other users. At first, major advertisers didn’t know what to make of the on-line social gatherings. But eventually, marketers realized social media is about building relationships with their customers. For the first time, companies were able to listen to what people are saying about their brands in real time. The traditional methods of collecting data, like phone surveys and mall intercepts, experienced validity issues and poor participation.

Social media marketers slowly learned the value of engaging the consumer. If the marketer could create

Engaged Facebook Fan

a community on line, than participants could share their stories and help promote the brand.

Traditional methods of advertising reached are large sum of people who are not interested in the product. So a lot of advertising is wasted. But with the new social media marketing platforms advertisers are able to reach only the people who have a certain interest. Because social media activities are conduct on-line, every click and phone call made is measurable and refined.

Classic Marketing Departments vs New Social Media Departments

The Marketing Department is also looking different these days. The older marketing department was filled with creative directors, media buyers, and artists. Now, the more common titles are called Digital Media Manager, Social Media Architect, and Social Media Communication Specialist.

Since the power of information is flowing more toward the consumer, companies are asking their marketing department to build lasting relationships with their customer. This takes more time, but companies with a broader vision realize there is value in building a personal relationship with a brand that last a life time.

In some cases traditional advertising is better. If a national advertiser wanted to gain awareness of a new product line then Television or Radio would be better than social media. So the classical methods are not dead yet. At this moment, it still works best if the two can be coordinated together.

Question: In a given week, do you spend more time on television or the internet social sites?


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