WIU Marketing Curriculum Strong on Social Media

Marketing has been one of the most popular majors at Webber International University for several decades.  In the 80’s, the emphasis was on Advertising.  In the 90’s, it was about Direct Response Marketing.  These days, it is all about Social Media.

Social Media has completely revolutionized the practice of marketing and Webber International University is one of the first in the U.S. to offer the newest social media content.


In 2013, WIU introduced E-commerce and in 2014 they introduced Social Media and Mobile Media Branding, Marketing Analytics, and Digital Media Management.  Students are empowered to learn about:

  • The best social media platforms to reach specific markets
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Using algorithms and predictive models to make better marketing decisions
  • To incorporate Storytelling into the promotional mix
  • To build relationships with customers
  • To build a powerful brand name

Professors Ronald Weber and Hatem Bata incorporate integrated marketing communications into the classes so that the students learn how to use a balance of traditional marketing as well as new emerging media.

Because of the new social media content within the marketing curriculum, WIU students graduate with talents and skills much in demand by today’s employers.

To learn more about WIU’s Newest Social Media Classes – Click Here.

Many people do not realize how to set a PowerPoint background or realize they can have an infinite number of PowerPoint background choices.  Watch my recent video on how to set a PowerPoint background to see the possibilities!  PowerPoint: How to select from an infinite number of background choices

If you want to enhance your PowerPoint then you may want to consider placing a video on your slide that will play from within the slide.  When selecting an appropriate video, look for one that is professionally produced with good content and good quality audio and video that fits nicely with your intended topic.  There are at least 3 different methods for adding a video into a PowerPoint.  Method #1 uses the developer tab, method #2 uses the insert video from file option, and method #3 shows you how to download the video to your drive before inserting into your slide (great for when you are not sure if an internet connection exists where you might be presenting).  If you would like to view these methods – just go to the drlindadavis channel on YouTube – you will find 3 different videos on these 3 different methods.  Here is the link for method #2 to get you started – this is the most common way to achieve this skill.

New Picture (2) New Picture (1)

Webber’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) met for the first huddle of the Spring 2016 semester on Tuesday evening in the Babson Center. The staff and students were thrilled to welcome each other back from Winter break.

The worship music was provided by Luke Brigham on guitar, Alex Spadaro on guitar and Cody Warren on the box drum. FCA East Polk County Area Representative, LeRoy Dempsey administered the message about Christian millennials and challenges faced in today’s society. He encouraged students to always remember as a Christian they were built to overcome the trials and tribulations encountered in everyday life. The slogan #Iwasbuiltforthis was the phrase of the evening. A big thanks to LeRoy for always sacrificing his time to make a difference in the lives of Webber student-athletes.

Coach Chuck Kelly and Mrs. Leone spoke about FCA projects that took place during the Fall 2015 semester and the direction for the Spring 2016 semester. The benevolence fund topped out at $1,000 for the semester with students and staff raising $550 and a gifted amount of $450. The funds were used for a “Turkey Project” for employees on campus and to assist with shipping clothing to El Salvador and Honduras. Students collected clothing throughout the entire to semester to provide to Tabernaculo Biblico Bautista Amigos de Israel Central in El Salvador and to the Franciscan School in Honduras. Webber international students Moises Vasquez and Eric Flores have delivered some clothing already and are still in the process of shipping clothing.

FCA is excited about the Spring 2016 semester and providing service to the community. Students are already gearing up for the American Cancer Society’s-Relay for Life event that will take place later this Spring as well as the Annual Easter Egg Hunt provided by Polk County Park’s and Recreation. On February 5th FCA members will be volunteering at the Sanctity of Life Celebration, which will take place at Faith Baptist Church in Winter Haven. Those who are interested in volunteering should meet at a Tuesday evening FCA huddle for more information.

FCA is hosted every Tuesday evening at 8:00pm in the Babson Center on-campus. All students, faculty and staff are invited to attend!


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Content Equals Value

Content marketing can be described as the “value” a brand offers in hopes to build a positive association with potential customers. Value from a brand may come in many forms, such as straight facts, training, entertainment, connection, storytelling, coupons, inspiration, or contribution. A blog posted by a member of a brand can provide key details that will be immediately helpful to readers, for example, “Caricature Artists get 16 Gigs a month via Social Media”. Value may also come in the form of a video or a game that temporarily relieves the viewer of stress or possibly inspires creative thinking.

Content Marketing is a Gift

The content provided by a brand must be seen as a gift, without any implied expectations of a purchase. Consumers have become wary of advertising and quickly move their eyes to something else when they sense an ad. Think about how annoyed you get when your favorite game or music video is interrupted by a commercial. A good motto to follow is, “You must give far more than you expect in return.”

Content Marketing Builds Connections

Building loyal customers takes time. Just like good friends. You cannot build loyal customers over night. Brand managers need to accept that content marketing will not have an immediate impact on sales. However, if the brand continuously provides value, the readers and viewers of the content will build a bond not only with the brand but also with other customers. Together, the users and the brand can build a lasting connection that will make all other marketing efforts more effective. The impact on sales will be realized down the road. Efforts are underway to measure the impact but sometimes prove too difficult to isolate. This is where our industry still has room for improvement.

Content Marketing Builds Brand Value

Having brand value goes beyond just sales. It also helps the company attract better employees, partners, customers, and neighbors. Valuable brands are also more likely to get mentioned in the news and social media. The most mentioned computer brand mentioned on TV news and social media is “Apple”. This may not surprise you. Think of the millions of advertising dollars that are saved. Popular political candidates save millions of dollars because they get mentioned in the news on a daily basis. Valuable brands can also provide an edge when it comes to negotiating favorable terms. Wal-Mart and Disney both use this leverage because they know suppliers want to be associated with their brand.

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by: Professor Weber

Social media experts commonly agree the following tips will benefit those who want to write effective blogs.

Tip # 1 Integrate Social Sharing

Be sure to post the major social media icons at the bottom or top of your blogs. This insures the likelihood of readers sharing your blog on their social media sites.

Tip # 2 Always Produce Top Content

Remember to post content relevant to the audience’s needs right now. Another word of advice is to post content that never goes out of date. An example of this is to post a blog about “How to Grow the Largest Watermelons”. Something like this will never go out of date.

Tip # 3 Write Headlines that capture people’s attention

There are several ways to look at this. One way is to be sure to write headlines that are filled with rich key words. Another way is to create a headline that captures the interest of the reader. For example, “Twelve year old boy rides his horse to school, gets detention.” A headline like this will cause people to click on the blog so that they can read the whole story.

“The Pope Loves a Good Joke!”


Tip # 4 Use Proven Tactics and Frameworks

You don’t have to invent a brand new style of blogging. Learn the tried and true tactics like:

  • Spy versus spy
  • Breaking News
  • Guest Speaker
  • Top Lists
  • Celebrating Milestone
  • Appropriate Quotes from Esteemed Individuals

Tip # 5 Use High Quality Images

Using quality photos and videos lure people to your blog and help you position your product in the minds of your customer. A photo of a mountain can project an image of calm and peace.

Tip # 6 Quality is Better Then Length

A quality blog filled with educational or entertaining content will get much more attention than a long boring blog that provides no value.  A blog with educational or entertaining value is much more likely to be passed along.

By: Ronald Weber

Before humans had a written language we learned from each other by telling stories.

In the early history of humans we would sit around the fire at night and tell tales of myths, gods, and legends. Hunters would tell a story about how they killed the biggest mammoth. Fishermen would tell a story of how they landed the great white whale. Moby Dick is probably a story that has been handed down and recreated many times.


Today, we favor songs that are not just melodies but also tells a story. Our favorite movie is not just about special effects but how deeply we can get into the story line.

Great content comes in the form of a good story. Great stories never die and there are plenty of examples, Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, and Noah’s Ark, just to name a few.

So how do you write a good story?

In her article, “7 Things That Really Great Content Creators Do”,  Carly Stec captures a few techniques all great story writers do.

Here is the list:

  • They understand their audience
  • They educate or entertain
  • They make an outline
  • They make smarter decisions
  • They re-purpose the content to give it more meaning
  • They keep updating themselves
  • They write consistently

Each technique is a characteristic I see is in the best movie directors, poets, novelists, musicians, and news reporters. I have seen many documentaries on the sinking of the Titanic. However, James Cameron’s movie in 1998 is the story I’ll  always remember. You too?

Remember, the hand on the glass?

Although the hand on the glass had little significance in the outcome of the movie, people still remember this small detail, even though it is 17 years later.

The best content creators are storytellers who educate and entertain. It is the way humans evolved. It is a part of our culture and socialization.

The best content creators know the best way to connect with their audiences and are constantly looking for ways to better reach the imaginations of today’s audiences.

It has been 30 years since I graduated college and the strongest memories I have are the stories my professors told. Now that I am a professor, occasionally I will run into a student from years ago. In our conversation they won’t remember the class we had together but they will remember vividly the stories I told.

The most shared sites on Facebook might not be what you think.

Facebook’s Most Shared Sites

Most Shared Sites on Facebook

Nine out of ten most shared posts on Facebook is related to the news. However, the most shared Facebook site is not a news organization, it called Playbuzz. What is Playbuzz?

Playbuzz has several pages like Playbuzz Entertainment, Playbuzz Smart, and Playbuzz Cute. You know when you are at happy hour and someone says “This app tells me if I were an animal, I would be most like a Panda.” Then another person says, “Ooh…ooh…do me!” You go through a short survey and the app uses algorithms to link you up with an animal with similar statistics. They have hundreds of topics. Playbuzz proudly can say they have the most engaging and shared content in social media.

PlayBuzz is the most engaging and shared site on Facebook

The rest of the top 10 are all news organizations. Huffington Post leads by provided quality in depth articles about what is trending in the news. It is usually a photo, not a video that lures people into the article. Topics range from business, politics, world, food, relationships, and social issues.

Buzz Feed is popular because they differentiate themselves by publishing “off the wall” type content. They may post celebrity news, interesting tidbits, or something extremely outrageous. Compared to Huff Post, Fox, and BBC, you would say that Buzz Feed is more “quirky”. However, I salute their efforts because they have found a way to break through all of the clutter and provide content that people are willing to share.

Rounding out the bottom part of the Top 10 Most shared content on Facebook is mostly major news organizations like FOX News, NBC News, New York Times and BBC.

Each has their differentiated value. Fox News publishes top news stories of the day but also attract fans with a political fervor. NBC News is the same way and will show more of the social issues in the content they cover. The Guardian, Mail On-line, and BBC news are published from the United Kingdom and cover UK news and world news. Each UK publisher distinguishes themselves by diving into the story behind the scenes. The UK news organizations are very good at showing how the news is affecting the people and eventually “me”.

Twitter – Most Retweeted Sites

I wonder if the founders of Twitter knew what kind of impact Twitter would have on the distribution of the news. The Top 10 retweeted sites on Twitter are all news organizations.


Most Retweeted Sites

Facebook is a place to visit in the evening when you have more time to relax and enjoy the reading about the news. However, Twitter can deliver news that is important right now. It is no wonder that journalists, business people, sports enthusiasts, and news junkies engage on Twitter because it is the medium to deliver the news with the greatest amount of reach in the shortest amount of time.

BBC World News has the most retweeted news stories because of the content in the stories. BBC doesn’t just deliver the facts. They also include in depth analysis and how it could affect the reader.

BBC Twitter Feed

Mashable does a very good job at enticing their followers with headlines then clicking “on.mash” which takes you to the article. Mashable also uses photos and videos to engage their reader.

Huffington Post only uses photo and headlines to engage their followers, no videos. The value with Huff Post is the credibility of the content of the stories and details that no other news organizations can uncover. Huff Post may not be the best a publishing the most recent news but they are the best at giving you’re the full story.

Bleacher Report delivers up to the minute sports news on each of the major sports. Bleacher Report Twitter news feeds are the first place followers would read about Lebron James moving back to Cleveland and Minnesota Timberwolves pulling the first round draft choice in the lottery. The Bleacher Report will be the first to announce if some player has been traded or injured. This kind of content would not be published by any of the other Top 10 news organizations. This is what gives the Bleacher Report their differentiated value.

Social Media in 2025

By: Professor Weber

Social Media in the future will become more specialized to the needs and interests of each audience member. By 2025, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Pinterest will have adapted their platform for each user so that it would appear by today’s standards that people live in their own universe. Parents in 2025 won’t be complaining about their children spending too much time texting but complaining that their son or daughter seldom steps out of their own self-made virtual-world.


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Battling for Share of Engagement

Social Media and the News will compete to maintain their share of the audience. Young adults are already getting most of their news from social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Pinterest will continuously tweak their services to make their content more engaging. So therefore, social media platforms are really fighting for share of the audience’s engagement. Advertising with social media in the future will have much more of an impact than traditional advertising because the audiences are engaged not just watching it passively.



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Individual users of social media will gradually only expose themselves to news that affects them. The thought process may sound like this. “How does a train wreck in Philadelphia affect my life here, right now? Social media platform algorithms already can predict what news you are interested in. Big data collectors like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Verizon already share this data with advertisers and with 10 more years of data the future platforms will be even more equipped to predict exactly what you will need to keep you engaged. The biggest justification for advertising rates today are CPM (Cost per Mil), Reach, Frequency, pay per clicks or impressions. In 2025, the number one ad rate justification will be the platform who can keep their audiences engaged the longest. In fact, by 2025 social media platforms will have an engagement meter to measure the intensity level of the user.

I am too busy!

We think our lives are busy now and that there is no time to do all of the things we want to do in our lives. In 2025, people will be exposed to new endeavors and want to try to include this into their lives. The thought process may sound like this. “I want a successful career, happy family, loving wife/husband, great health, lots of friends, secure financial investments, travel, and have no stress.” To make all of this happen, people will demand products and services that help them become very organized and focused. The news that is related to their individual needs and interests will get priority and therefore capture the users’ attention and involvement. Individual social media platforms will connect advertisers with potential customers by using multiple regression analysis and correlation analysis that have become very good predictors of human needs. When a consumer behaves differently then the formula predicted, the formula will automatically adjust.


Photo Credit: Commons.Wiki

Photo Credit: Commons.Wiki

In 2025, consumers’ watches, clothes, and cell phones will be able to detect when you are tired, hungry, thirsty, stressed, and low on iron. Imagine getting a text from your favorite restaurant that says they have chicken dumplings on special today, right after you receive a text that says your blood sugar is low. Wall Street Journal published an article in May 2015 about Under Armour inventing electronic wear to help athletes.

Target Market versus Mass Marketing

Target marketing is when a marketer decides to break down the entire potential customers into smaller more homogeneous segments. The marketer usually divides the segments in geography, demographic characteristics, psychographic characteristics, and behaviorists. By doing so, the marketer can adjust the marketing mix strategies to help meet the needs of the customers better than their competitor’s. The Corvette is an example of a brand that targets specifically educated males between the ages of 45 and 60 with larger disposable incomes.

Mass Marketing might be employed by Coca Cola in which they try to sell the same product to a large mass of people with very little adjustments to the marketing mix. Evidence of this is when you see Coca-Cola commercials on TV with polar bears. This is meant to appeal to several segments of the market.

Where does Social Media belong in the Marketing Mix?





  1. Personal Selling
  2. Sales and Trade Promotions
  3. Advertising
  4. Public Relations/ Publicity
  5. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has replaced direct marketing as one of the elements of the Promotional Mix. But a marketer cannot directly categorize Social Media as a function all by itself. Social Media Marketing must be interwoven with the other elements in the Promotional Mix and create an Integrated Marketing Communications – where all outward communications by a company communicates one unified message.

Publix Super Markets (since 1930) has marketed themselves into the communities of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and now Tennessee. They are not the largest grocery store in the nation but one of the most respected. In 2000, competitors Albertson’s and Winn-Dixie entered the southeastern market stealing some market share from Publix. However, Publix concentrated on customer service, clean stores, and quality products and slowly Albertson’s and Winn Dixie closed their doors.

Publix’s biggest competitors today come more from discount stores like Wal Mart and Target. Target and Wal Mart’s massive buying power affords them the opportunity to offer lower prices and gain a competitive advantage.

A much smaller competitor of Publix is the local Hispanic grocery stores called Bravo. Bravo sells items specifically to the Hispanic market. Bravo’s efforts must be working because Publix has opened their own Hispanic grocery store called “Sabor”.


Webber International University Promotes Dr. Fred Fening to Full Professor

Babson Park, Florida Dr. Charles Shieh, Chief Academic Officer, has announced that Dr. Fred Fening has been promoted from the rank of Associate Professor to the rank of Professor. Fening joined the Webber Faculty in 2007. He was appointed the Leslie D. Reagin III Chair of Strategic Management in 2009. He was promoted to Associate […]

Webber’s Dr. Elfie Farchmin Honored With NAIA Wally Schwartz F.A.R. of the Year

SAN DIEGO, CA. – The NAIA 76th Annual National Convention, featured in beautiful San Diego, California, had a different meaning for Webber International University this year. Dr. Elfie Farchmin, Faculty Athletics Representative for Webber, received the prestigious Wally Schwartz Faculty Athletics Representative of the Year Award. The NAIA, once a year, recognizes a Faculty Athletic […]

Webber FBLA-PBL Chapter Places at State Competition

BABSON PARK, FL For Immediate Release During their Spring Break, nine Webber students chose to spend some of their vacation time at the Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL) Florida State Leadership Conference (SLC) in Orlando, FL. Esmeralda Fernandez, Logan Stewart, Joyce Caba, Carlos Rocha, Jordan Lively, David Szotkowski, Myusei Hagiwara, […]

Webber International University Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Babson Park, Florida For Immediate Release Founded on April 6th, 1927 by financial guru, industrialist, and economist Roger Babson (who also founded Babson College in Massachusetts), Webber International University in Babson Park, Florida will be celebrating its 90th anniversary on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 at noon with an open to the public picnic lunch. Babson, […]

Darren Richie Joins Webber International University as Director of Athletics

Babson Park, Florida Mr. Darren Richie has joined Webber International University as its Director of Athletics. Richie last served at Colorado Christian University. During his nearly ten-year tenure there as Director of Athletics, Mr. Richie raised over 3 million dollars for the athletics department, and led CCU to four RMAC Sportsmanship Cup wins, appearances in […]

Webber Students Advance to Florida’s State PBL Competition

On January 21st, nine Webber students traveled to Valencia College East campus for District Competitions for Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Beta Lambda. The students competed in 23 different academic events. Each and every student successfully competed and earned the right to compete in the Florida State competition, which will be held March […]

Webber International University’s Accreditation Reaffirmed!

Babson Park, Florida Following a multi-year review period including an exhaustive self-study, the review and verification of thousands of pages of documentation, and comprehensive on-site review visits to the University’s campuses (located 550 miles apart), at its annual meeting in Atlanta on Monday, December 5th, 2016 the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on […]

Webber International University Announces Tuition Freeze for 17/18 School Year

Like most colleges and universities, operating costs at Webber International University in Babson Park, Florida are skyrocketing.  Health insurance premiums have doubled.  From eggs to toilet paper, electricity to milk, costs are up across the board.  You name it and the price has likely gone up.  And, most schools, Webber included, have had little choice […]

Webber International University Welcomes ITT Students

Webber International University, Babson Park, Florida, announced today that it would make special efforts to welcome displaced ITT students into the University.   “We realize that most of these students got caught mid-education,” said Dr. Keith Wade, President & CEO of Webber International University.  “Our goal is to take as many of their credits, and […]

Webber Places in National FBLA-PBL Competition

Webber International University PBL Sigma Chi Chapter Places in National Competitions of Business Knowledge and Skills Babson Park, Florida For Immediate Release Having made strong showings at the State competition, two International University students placed in the top ten at the FBLA-PBL National Leadership Conference held last week in Atlanta. These competitions test student knowledge […]

Webber International University Earns NAIA Champions of Character 5-Star Rating

BABSON PARK, Fla. – Webber International Athletics was bestowed a 5-Star Champions of Character rating for the 2014-15 season, by the NAIA Thursday morning. The Champions of Character initiative provides training for student-athletes and professional development for coaches and staff. The values of integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship and servant leadership are put into play and accounted […]

Webber named a “Best in the Southeast” college by The Princeton Review

WEBBER INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY NAMED “A BEST IN THE SOUTHEAST” COLLEGE BY THE PRINCETON REVIEW ON ITS WEBSITE FEATURE: “2016 BEST COLLEGES: REGION BY REGION” Webber International University is one of the best colleges in the Southeast according to The Princeton Review ( The well-known education services company lists the college among its “Best in the Southeast” recommended schools […]


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